Corporate M&A and Commercial LawFinancial and banking practice

Advice, negotiation and drafting of contracts and clauses of financing transactions between companies and between individuals as a result of their legal relations and before the credit institutions, as well as their personal and real guarantees concerning:


·         Transactions and acknowledgement of debt, with payment deferment with or without interest.

·         Purchases with deferred payment.

·         Consumer credits.

·         Loans.

·         Assignment of receivables and/or collection rights.

·         Credit facilities and/or discounting of commercial instruments.

·         Factoring policies with or without recourse.

·         Leasing.

·         Renting.

·         Means of payment, especially transfers, cheques and promissory notes.

·         Credit card operations.

·         Guarantees and solidarity and/or first demand guarantees.

·         Property mortgage.

·         Collaterals.

·         Deposits and current accounts.

·         Provision of remote financial services.


Legal actions to collect debts arising from such transactions through extrajudicial and judicial claims under our legal system, especially monetary and mortgage enforcement.

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