TaxTax Litigation Area

Toda & Nel-lo makes available to its clients a team that specialises in the assessment and the legal direction of revenue procedures and tax litigation matters.

Among the revenue procedures, we advise on pre-litigation and litigation procedures including attention to tax requirements and assistance and technical direction in procedures of management, inspection, penalizing and tax collection, as well as in financial/administrative claims and other administrative review procedures. In the litigation field, we assume the technical direction of contentious-administrative appeals before any court in this jurisdiction, including, where appropriate, trials before the Constitutional Court and European judicial bodies.

We also advise on preventive measures such as the preparation of queries for the General Directorate for Taxes and equivalent regional bodies, or the prior analysis of potentially conflictual aspects of business and operations; we also provide assistance in claims for property liability of the Administration, through the administrative and contentious-administrative channels.

Our specialist team Tax Litigation Area