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The Department of Administrative Law serves Regional Public Administrations, Regional Bodies, Administrative Consortia, Public Corporations, Public Companies, Mixed Companies, Concessionaires of Public Services, individuals, private companies and groups of companies.


The Department has particular expertise in all areas of Administrative Law, among which we can highlight the following:

·         Advice on administrative procedures of all kinds, including penalty procedures.

·         Property liability of the Public Administration.

·         Advice on various sectors, such as coasts, ports, health, viniculture, pharmaceutical, educational, transport, telecommunications, energy, etc.

·         Advice on the provision of public services and government procurement (management, tendering, etc.).

·         Records of compulsory expropriation, expropriation agreements and procedures for expropriation reversal.

·         Records of government subsidies and aid, as well as reinstatement procedures.

·         Advice on public service.

·         Drafting of administrative Agreements.

·         Drafting of legal texts and regulations.

·         Advice on obtaining administrative authorizations, activity licences and advance notices of activities.

·         Advice on public property (awarding and public authorizations).

·         Advice on environmental issues (water, waste management, air quality and protection of air, noise, environmental authorizations, environmental permits and advance notice of activities, administrative disciplinary procedures, environmental responsibility).

·         Advice on the legal system, establishment, incorporation, organization and functioning of public-sector instrumental entities (consortia, public corporations, foundations).

·         Advice on Official Chambers and Professional Associations.

·         Administrative and administrative-contentious appeals.

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