At Toda & Nel-lo we advise the client in any situation of insolvency that they may have to face as a debtor, creditor or as a third party interested in the acquisition of assets or productive units of companies in bankruptcy.

This scenario requires not only the appropriate technical-legal knowledge for the search for the best solutions that make the operation viable, but also an adequate capacity to search for customized solutions, and the best management in relation to the different aspects of the matter (human, negotiable, strategic, commercial, etc.) that guarantee its success.

Our professional services will always be oriented to the success of the operation and, therefore, to guarantee the viability of the business of the affected debtor or debtors, trying at all times to avoid traumatic and unforeseen events that could ultimately lead to the debtor's own bankruptcy. or debtors, or even, in the liquidation of the business.

Ultimately, we will be in charge of advising the company for its bankruptcy declaration, reviewing its situation, accounting, and other aspects. We will present and process the bankruptcy declaration demand, we will accompany the client throughout the bankruptcy procedure, following all those procedures and requirements that are received by the bankruptcy administrator and the Commercial Court.


The services we provide are the following:

  • Presentation and processing of voluntary and necessary creditors' contests.
  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings to defend their credit rights.
  • Insolvency incidents of resolution of civil and commercial contracts. Exercise of rescission actions.
  • Responsibility of administrators.
  • Advice on the sale and purchase of assets of companies in bankruptcy, and of productive units.
  • Intervention as insolvency administrators

Our specialist team Insolvency