Jordi Dapeña EsquirolLawyer


  • Lawyer of the Compliance department, with broad experience in Commercial Law and Criminal Law.
  • Specialist in Good Corporate Governance, Corporate Compliance and Legal Compliance, Prevention of Money Laundering (PBC-FT) and Protection of Personal Data.
  • Professional partner of the Spanish Compliance Association (ASCOM).
  • CESCOM® Compliance Certification, July 2018, of the Spanish Association of Compliance - ASCOM.
  • Internationally Certified Compliance Professional, July 2018, of the IFCA International Federation of Compliance Associations.
  • Certification of Compliance CUMPLEN, September 2016, of the Association of Regulatory Compliance Professionals.
  • Bankruptcy Administrator Certification, 2009, of the Bar Association of Barcelona (ICAB) and Bar Association of Economists of Catalonia (CEC).
  • Master's Degree in Corporate Compliance from Economist & Iuris Innovative School (EIS) and ISDE.
  • Law degree from the UNED and member of the Bar Association of Barcelona in 2003.