LNI conference in Barcelona, hosted by Toda & Nel-lo, is a resounding success

The Annual Conference not only provided a platform for professional growth but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration across members from over 30 countries.

The Legal Network International conference 2023 took place in Barcelona from the 19th to the 21st of October. Hosted by Toda & Nel-lo, the event was a resounding success. The conference, which was attended by members from over 30 countries, brought together legal minds, industry leaders, and professionals for two days of insightful discussions, networking, and a celebration of legal excellence. 

The festivities kicked off with a welcome reception at the Toda & Nel-lo offices. Delegates enjoyed a delightful evening of camaraderie, savouring Spanish tapas and clinking glasses of welcome drinks. The vibrant atmosphere set the stage for what would be an exciting and rewarding conference.


Day One – Keynote speakers and practice group meetings

Day one of the conference day unfolded at the majestic Círculo Ecuestre, an architectural gem in the heart of Barcelona. Delegates immersed themselves in thought-provoking discussions and gained valuable insights from distinguished speakers.

Cristina Crespo, Legal & Compliance Manager Southern Europe at JDE, delivered a compelling talk on ‘What do in-house lawyers expect from external lawyers’ shedding light on the expectations of in-house lawyers from their external counterparts. Her expertise and insights resonated with the audience, who took away some very useful tips.

Next up, Vikki Bentwood, from The Legal Linchpin, shared insights into the success of LNI's global marketing initiatives. She showcased the benefits derived from collaborating in marketing efforts and discussed future ideas. Additionally, she unveiled the new 'How to be a Rainmaker' business development program for member firms, set to launch in 2024.

Finally, Martin Longobucco, Co-founder of CD4IoT, took the stage to discuss ‘AI in the legal sector’. His eye-opening presentation on how quickly AI is moving in the legal sector made us question and realise now is the time to start talking about AI as part of mid-size law firms strategy.

The conference seamlessly transitioned into a networking lunch, where connections continued their conversations over a sumptuous meal, in the opulent surroundings of the Círculo Ecuestre members’ club.

As the afternoon unfolded, the focus shifted to LNI practice group meetings. Delegates had the opportunity to meet in various groups for discussions. They took the opportunity to plan for future collaborations and laid the foundation for continued success within the legal network.

The evening came alive with the vibrant atmosphere at Cachitos Diagonal. Delegates gathered for a delightful traditional tapas dinner, fostering camaraderie in a relaxed and fun setting.


Day Two

Saturday saw a move to the Hotel Hesperia Presidente, where the focus turned to LNI activities. The day kicked off with key reports including the Chairman’s report and Treasurer's financial report, and presentations from new members.

Bob Gabrielski was extended a special thanks for his dedicated leadership as Chairperson. Additionally, Marc Gouden from Philippe and Partners was introduced as the new Chairperson, along with new committee members.

The afternoon was the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of Barcelona. A visit to the Casa Museu Amatller, a beacon of Catalan modernism, offered a glimpse into the societal transformation of the early 20th century.

The day concluded with the final dinner at Restaurante Mirabé, bringing together delegates for an evening of joy and reflection. And, against the backdrop of Barcelona's enchanting night sky, the conference came to a close. "As we bid farewell to Barcelona, we extend our gratitude to our hosts Toda & Nel-lo and all participants, speakers, and partners who contributed to the success of the conference" said the Sterring Committee during the farewell dinner.

The Annual Conference not only provided a platform for professional growth but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration across members from over 30 countries.

LNI's 2024 conference will take place in Malta, as the network continues its commitment to fostering excellence, collaboration, and success within the global legal community.


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