We help you to build your business in Spain

 “Starting your business” package:

At Toda & Nel-lo we help foreign companies and/or individuals to set up their business in Spain. Whether you are a young starter or an experienced company who wishes to expand your business, we help you to find the right mechanisms to ensure your development by:

  • Assisting you in the choice of the right structure: a new company, the set-up of a branch or a representative office, your enlistment as self-employed…
  • Helping you with the accomplishment of the necessary formalities with the registry of commerce, the Spanish fiscal authorities, the social security administration;
  • Finding a registered seat, negotiating your lease or the contract with your distributor and hiring your first employee;
  • Advising you on tax matters such as the Value Added Tax, Spanish accounting principles, the personal taxation of managers and directors.

The team of the International Desk is composed of Belgian, French and Spanish lawyers who all have broad experience in international business and speak Dutch, English, French, German and/or Spanish.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can determine together your made to measure “Starting your business” package:

Direct line:    +34 93 363 40 05

E-mail:           int@todanel-lo.com