[name_i18n_1]Bankrupcy and insolvency

In Toda & Nel-lo we advise the client in any situation of insolvency that he may have to face as a debtor, as a creditor or as a third party interested in the acquisition of assets or productive units of companies in bankruptcy.

Our accumulated professional experience allows us to understand the client's situation and advise him from a strategic and multidisciplinary point of view in order to face any business crisis situation with the greatest possible guarantees. This experience is complemented by the practical knowledge acquired as a result of working as an insolvency administrator.

Our main objective is to accompany the client from the beginning, advising him so that he can understand the different possibilities available to him in an insolvency situation and then determine the best option for his interests.

At Toda & Nel-lo we believe in the possibilities offered by the Insolvency Law to try to achieve, whenever possible, the continuity of companies in the face of insolvency situations, for which it will be essential to provide strategic legal advice from the very moment the client appreciates the first signs of economic difficulty.

The services we provide are the following:


Bankruptcy proceedings:

  • Advice in situations of imminent insolvency.
  • Processing of bankruptcy proceedings, including the preparation and advice on the phases of preparation and presentation of the bankruptcy, creditors' agreement, liquidation and in the qualification section.
  • Insolvency proceedings for the resolution of civil and commercial contracts, and exercise of rescission actions.
  • Employment regulation files.
  • Recognition and enforcement of court decisions in foreign bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Liability of administrators, directors and managers.
  • Intervention as bankruptcy administration and advice.

Creditor protection and credit:

  • Credit protection measures: claims, enforcement and guarantees.
  • Recognition and challenge of credits in bankruptcy proceedings.

Advice to the investor:

  • Investments in bankruptcy assets and liabilities.
  • Purchase and sale of productive units in both pre-insolvency and insolvency situations.

Bankruptcy administration